Portland, Oregon


"In the magical world of archery, it is important to get started with proper form. Marianne gave me a strong skill base to carry into my archery future. Her coaching method is easy to understand and is effective with both adults and kids. It's time and money well spent." --Jon R.

"We feel so fortunate to have found Marianne in our search for an archery instructor for our 10 year old daughter, Erica. Marianne has provided continuous support for safe and sound fundamentals while tailoring lessons specifically for Erica.
Erica is learning so much more than just the sport of archery; she is building focus, self-control, self-awareness and self-esteem and having fun doing it. We look forward to lesson time each week. Thank you, Marianne!"
--Julie W.

"Marianne gushes with enthusiasm for the sport and no matter what your age, 8 years old or 80,  she is thrilled to have you exploring the sport she loves.  Her knowledge, patience and experience makes her an excellent teacher.  If you should decide to shoot for fun or for competition, she will be there for you with support, guidance and a big smile."  --Karen K.

Private recurve lessons for one person are $35/hour (two people/$45) and are taught for any level from beginner to competetive archer. Most students prefer to meet weekly as they begin their lessons, and may choose at some point to continue their practice on their own, returning to the coach when a plateau is hit or a new challenge presents itself.

All beginning equipment is provided. This includes weight and size appropriate bow, arrows, and safety gear.

Indoor lessons are held at Broken Arrow Archery in Milwaukie.

Lessons are tailored to the individual, and instruction is always supportive, respectful, focused and encouraging.

Semi-private lessons for friends or family members who would like to enjoy archery together are also available!


To schedule a lesson, or for further information,
          please contact:     PdxArchery@aol.com              

PDX Archery's principal instructor, Marianne Itkin, is a USA Archery certified Level 3 National Training System coach.

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